Strategic Plan

This year, the Schuylkill Action Network will conduct extensive strategic planning in order to prepare for the next 5 year plan (2021-2025). We are welcoming feedback regarding watershed issues, goals, and projects from all voices. If you have an interest in agriculture, conservation, drinking water, education, preservation, recreation, or restoration in the Schuylkill Watershed, we want to hear from you!

Workgroup Strategic Planning

The first quarterly meeting of the year for each workgroup will include a half hour strategic planning session to gather feedback and update workplans. To attend a workgroup meeting, visit our events page here.

Public Listening Sessions

The public listening sessions originally scheduled for April 8 and April 9 are being postponed to a later date during this time of National Emergency. We are discouraging public gatherings to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. Thank you for your patience! The agenda will remain the same and can be viewed below. Please stay tuned for more information.

Public Survey

An online public survey is coming soon! This survey is a great way for us to gather feedback from all voices from the comfort of your own home. Stay tuned for more information this spring. We will send out a link on all of our social media platforms as well as in an e-mail to SAN members. Sign up for e-mails by clicking here.


Plan Development

The SAN staff at the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary will be synthesizing all of the feedback from the workgroups, planning sessions, and public survey to develop the 5-year plan with the help of our Planning Committee partners. Using a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis will allow us to prioritize the SAN's strategies and further fulfill our mission moving forward. The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan will be available by the 2020 SAN Annual Meeting this November and will be implemented beginning January of 2021 through December 2025. Please contact us if you have additional feedback or questions about the strategic planning process.

Click here to download the current 5 Year Strategic Plan (2016-2020).