Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision 

Clean water and a healthy Schuylkill River Watershed accessible for all.

Our Mission

To improve water resources through collaborative action in the Schuylkill River Watershed.

Our Values:

  • ACTION - Implementing programs, restoration projects, and other on-theground initiatives for clean water, healthy habitats, & strong communities. 
  • COLLABORATION - Forming diverse, inclusive, adaptive, and trusting partnerships Collaboration that communicate and work together effectively.
  • RESILIENCE - Making decisions that create positive ecosystem, climate, and community impacts for the present and future.
  • LEADERSHIP - Guiding partners toward shared source water protection goals and providing opportunities and resources to maximize effective collaboration and beneficial outcomes.
  • EQUITY - Working to ensure our collaborative action benefits community members fairly across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, income, age, or ability, with added intent to connect historically disconnected communities.
  • SCIENCE - Utilizing and promoting research-based practices, technology, Science and innovative solutions

The SAN seeks to achieve this mission through collaborative actions in partnership with local watershed organizations, land conservation organizations, businesses, academics, water suppliers, recreational communities, local governments, and regional, state, and federal agencies. Action is our middle name, and it’s what makes the SAN a successful national model for source water protection, collaboration, and implementation. These actions are outlined in our 5-year Strategic Action Plan.

Click here to download the current 5 Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025) to learn more about how we fulfill our mission. If you would like to provide feedback, please read more about our strategic planning process here or contact us